Assuming the Sale

 Have you ever gotten to the end of a sales presentation and felt the awkward feeling when you ask for the sale?  It just doesn’t feel very natural when you switch gears from presentation to the close.  The best producers know that there is a much better way to close the sale, and that is to just assume the the sale.

Assuming the sale is one of the most important pieces of sales theory that you need to master.   It’s a pretty easy concept to grasp.  Instead of saying something in order of “may I have your business” you just assume that it’s a foregone conclusion.  As long as you haven’t ignored obvious red flags, and you’ve qualified your lead, this technique works very well.

Many customers are ready to buy and aren’t going to have any objections.  They are never going to be more ready to buy.  The reason this is so effective is that it doesn’t allow the customer to have time to think about what’s going on.  This closing technique works espescially well if you are a really assertive seller who has controlled the phone call up until this point.

 So it works something like this.  Instead of saying:

“Based on everything that we have discussed, I’m proposing that we do X for $154 a month.”

You would instead say:

“So what we will do is the $154 a month option.  Give me a second to pull up these documents.  All you have to do is sign them and we will be off to the races.”

Instead of being their salesman, you are their trusted consultant.  It’s a much better way.  There are many useful closing techniques out there. This is the first one that you really need to try and master.  There really is not a whole lot to it.

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