Leaving Voicemail

How to leave a good sales voicemail

Times certainly have changed.  Voicemail’s, fax machines, and Yellow Pages.  These used to be staples of getting business done.  Now we have email, email, and the internet.  Voicemail is still a vital part of a days prospecting.  It does not matter whether you are calling a warm lead or not.  If you’ve already gone through the process of letting the phone ring and rolling into a voicemail, you may as well try and get something out of it.

If you are calling a warm lead than you’d want to leave it so you are absolutely sure that your prospect will know that you’ve called.  If the lead is relatively cold, than you are going to really want to leave a voicemail.  Think about it.  Say you dial a one hundred people in a day, and you leave fifty voicemail’s, and only one of them is returned.  That’s 2% of your voicemail’s being returned.  Why bother than?  Because these should be warm leads.

Say What You Mean to Say

The best way to ensure that buyers will call back is to be very upfront about why you are calling.  That’s why i’m a big believer in not obfuscating my intentions when I leave a voicemail.  I prefer having buyers call me back who know exactly why I am calling, and you should to.

Here is a basic template that you can change around to get a returned call:

Hello there Mr. Customer, my name is Jason with XYZ Widget Co.  I was trying to get in touch with you regarding your recent interest in our product,   Whenever you get a moment, I can be reached directly at 314-555-0891.  I’m also emailing you as well.  Thank you and have a great day.

That’s really all there is to it.  You don’t want to be specific about anything.

Leaving a Sales Voicemail Best Practices

  • Don’t leave a price on anyone’s voicemail.   All this effectively does is shoot yourself in the foot.  You may have a customer that would have spent way more, but once they get it in their   head that they can pay a certain rate, that rate becomes their price ceiling.
  • Don’t vomit a bunch of useless product knowledge.  You are a sales professional.  Just like leaving prices on someones voicemail, you don’t want to corner yourself into a product that may not fit the customers needs.
  • Do use some sort of script.  The second that someone hears you stutter or think about what you want to say on a voicemail is the second that that person hangs up.  The format should be:
    1. Introduce yourself
    2. Why you are calling
    3. Interest generating remark
    4. How to contact you
    5. Thank them for their time
  • Keep it under a minute.  You are going to lose anyone’s interest if you go over a minute.  Short and to the point is what you are looking for.

If you follow these practices, you’ll be well on your way to becoming excited when your phone rings, because buyers are on the other line.

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