Marketing Companies for Small Business

There are tons of small business marketing companies out there.  They can be small businesses themselves, or they can be as large as Google itself.

They all are more than eager to take on your business.  Your point of contact with each of them is usually going to be through the sales department.  It can be a real challenge to pick the right company to insure that you are getting the best bang for the buck.

Getting the most from a marketing agency

As mentioned before, you’ll be talking with a sales rep.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the owner of the company, they are trained to overcome your concerns and get the sale.  Their main weapon is your own words.  It is ok to tell them some information about your business, but don’t tip your hand to far.

Do’s and don’ts of dealing with a salesperson
  • Do–  Treat them nicely.  Salesmen are eager to please, and if you can get THEM to drop their guard, you’ll often get a better deal.  Think about it like when someone talks to the camera on T.V.  Try and get them to talk about how work is going.
  • Do– Act like the budget is tight.  Most good marketing companies will try and get you a program that works for your business.  Make them work to get to the rate you are comfortable paying.
  • Don’t– Divulge to much.  Don’t give them much personal information.  This is a business transaction.  You are not looking to make a friend.  This person you are dealing with does this from 9-5 every day.  They make lots of “friends”.  It’s harder to tell a friend no.
  • Don’t–  Automatically agree to meet face to face.  It’s a lot easier to hang up the phone if you realize there’s no working relationship than it is to leave a meal before the check has been paid.
Think about who your ideal customer is

This is so critical.  Who is the exact audience you are trying to reach.

Any good marketer should not just be telling you they will get you customers.  They should be trying to figure out what type of customer is best for your business.
Online vs. local marketing companies

When you go to find a a marketing company for your small business, there will really be two different options.  You are going to either deal with someone who has a local presence, or someone who you’ll have to deal with over the phone or computer.

Some people prefer to deal with someone in person, which is nice.  But, it can also be harder to walk away from a deal when you don’t feel it is really helping your business a whole lot.

The nice thing about dealing with a larger company is that they should have examples with proven results of them helping a business that is exactly like yours.  They should also have specialists that help them deal with every part of the sales process, including after the sale.


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