Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

One of the more common issues that you may run across is the fear of rejection.  If you ‘ve ever had a difficult time picking up the phone and calling someone you know what I am talking about.  It’s just not in human nature to be OK with being constantly rejected.  And that is what sales is, so you may as well get used to it.

The trick to overcoming rejection is how you handle it.  If you are keeping track of how many calls it takes to create a lead, and how many leads it’ll take to create a sale than this part will be easier for you.  Your attitude needs to be one of gratitude whenever someone tells you no.

Every time someone tells you no it is just bringing you one step closer to your next sale.  That needs to be your mentality.  Rejection is your fuel.  It powers you and makes you stronger.

One call at a time

When dealing with the fear of rejection, you’ll start to find picking up the phone and making dials to be difficult.  You’ll find yourself doing things to not call on potential customers.  I have seen plenty of people with poor sales skills make a ton of sales.  They are not afraid of the phone.  They are not afraid of rejection, or sounding dumb.

Don not let yourself think to far ahead of the process.  The best sales representatives know their product inside and out.  They do not judge the leads ahead of time, and they certainly don’t sit there for fifteen minutes thinking about what the customer is going to say when they give their pitch.  Calls rarely go the way that you see them going in your head.  It’s better to not waste that precious selling time.

Set yourself some goals.  Tell yourself that you’ll make ten calls and talk to at least one decision maker, and then you’ll allow yourself to go get a cup of coffee.  Break your day into mini segments and plan on making a certain amount of calls.  Stick with it and in no time calling on customers will become second nature to you.


Just go for it

What is the worst thing that could happen.  Somebody says no.  So what!  As yourself, is this going to matter at all in my life tomorrow?  The answer is always going to be no.  Life is more important than what you do for a living.  Try and keep perspective.  If you take it one call at a time, eventually you will have no issues whatsoever with

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