Overcoming the Let me Think About It Objection

Often times, you’ll speak with a customer and you’ll have built a great relationship with them.  You pitch them a product that makes sense for their line of work.  You feel good about asking for the sale, and they “let me think about it”.   The let me think about it objection is really not an objection.  It is a brush off, and it means that you have more work to do.  Newer reps are often fine with hearing this.  They are happy that they haven’t been told no, and it gives them something to keep in their “pipeline”.

You, as a top closer (or on your way to becoming one) understand that this objection is to be addressed head on.  A potential buyer who has a few days to think about something will invariably cool of.  Unless you feel in your gut that they will buy if given time, you’re going to need to push here.  You’ll need to ask them what exactly they need to think about, and you need to do it in a way that doesn’t push the customer away.

You need to get an answer to this question so that we can find out what the real objection is and get to work on that.  You can try something along the lines of:

You:  Well, I’m happy that you are thinking of coming aboard.  In case there was something that I missed, what part of the program is troubling you?

At this point listen to what they have to say, because they are about to give you their real reason for not buying.  Just think about it like this, there is always something to think about.  It is your job to extract that from your customer and overcome it.   To recap:  The let me think about it objection is always a smokescreen.




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