Selling From Home vs an Office


Selling from home certainly does sound nice, and a lot of people have a whole lot of success with that. But, it can be an incredibly challenging proposition for someone who is not organized.  If you have an option between the two, will take a look at which one might be better for you.

Benefits of working from home
It’s nice to be able to take your work outside on a sunny day
Working from an office

Well, let’s get this one straight out of the way. It’s way easier to commute to your sofa or home desk then it is to drive all the way to work. Full disclosure, I happen to prefer working in an office environment, but it’s not an easy decision to make if you have the choice.

Benefits of working in an office

I remember reading some studies that said that a person is more creative in an office.  This makes sense.  And, specifically in sales, it can be very motivating to see your coworkers getting sales.  You’ll start to feel left out and push yourself harder.

There’s also a sense of camaraderie that comes from working in close proximity to the rest of your sales team.  Also, it can be very nice to be close to a human support staff if what you sell has a complicated fulfillment process.

Benefits of working from home

Certainly the number one benefit to working from home is that you’ll have significantly more free time before and after work.  People who work from home are generally more productive.  It’s easier to focus on one thing when there really aren’t a ton of distractions around you.

It can be challenging to get help when you need it though.  People who work from home tend to rely on instant messaging services, conference calls (yuck),  and email to communicate with their coworkers.  This can prove to be more than just a little annoying.  People who work from home find that they spend a significant portion of their daily time communicating with coworkers.

Which one is right for you?

If you are self disciplined working from home can be life changing.  It can be nice to save the money on a vehicle.  This can even allow a couple living together to survive on one vehicle.

Humans were not made to spend their days stuck in a cubicle.  When it’s nice outside you can drag your laptop out and really get some work enjoying the bounty of God’s creation.

At the beginning of this page, I stated that I prefer to work in an office.  Here’s why.  I need to feel the energy coming from a sales floor.  Also, I have two children under two.  My wife and I have spoke about it, and we don’t think that it’d be possible to draw that line and keep the children  away.  It’s not fair to them.  They wouldn’t understand.  Only you can really know if selling from a home or office is better for you.  I hope this helps you come to a decision.

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