The A or B Closing Technique

Of all the closing techniques, the one that I love the most is the A or B method.  The principal behind it is that you give them two options, and neither of them is a no.  It is very effective.  It gets the person to way both options, instead of whether they wish to do it or not.

Close sales with the A or B method

Make Sure that Either Option is to Your Benefit.

You really need to watch what you are offering for the second option.  The way I like to do it is to reach for the stars with the higher offer, and make the “settle” offer exactly what you had originally.

“Most of my clients, such as yourself,  come in here at this level.”  “While some choose to go big straight away and go with this more aggressive option to corner their market.”  “Which one works best for you?”

You really don’t want to find yourself giving a small sale that won’t benefit the customer as your back alternate option.   Many people I will hear say: “Well at least I got a sale!”  No, no, no.  This is not the attitude that you should have.  You need an expectant attitude of success on the phone, as well as in real life.

The A or B method of closing a sale is also highly effective because it is assumptive.  You are not saying “if you decide to go with this product which option will you be taking?”.  You are treating the fact that they are going to be doing business with you as a foregone conclusion.

How to Successfully Position the A or B Close

  • This works better when your relationship with the customer is consultative.  If the customer feels like they are being sold the whole time than they are going to see right through this.
  • You don’t want the smaller option to feel cheap to the customer.  And, more importantly, you don’t want the customer to feel like it doesn’t meet their needs.  Instead you want the larger option to feel like it’s a more aggressive version of the smaller one.

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