The Blueprint to Becoming a Top Producer

Inside Sales Basic Strategies

I believe this site can be a phenomenal resource for you to grow in your ability to sell.  Like many things on the internet though, it can be a little disorganized.  This page is nothing more than a hub to organize the information and put it into the most useful order.  Building yourself into a top sales producer is exactly like building a house.  You need to start with a foundation of solid work ethic, build walls with your product knowledge, and the top is your closing ability.

Build your Foundation

About Me-  Information about myself and my background in sales.

Positive Self Talk:  Overcoming the fear of rejection.

Prospecting Basics:  How to properly cold call.

Prospecting Basics:  Overcoming Call Reluctance -or- Half the battle is with yourself.  It’s ok, you can beat this.

Prospecting Basics:  The Dying art of Voice Mail.

Prospecting Basics:  Emailing your prospects.

Prospecting Basics:  Keeping in Control of the Conversation

Prospecting Basics:  Prospecting is everything.


Skills to Practice Once You’ve Mastered the Basics

Become a top Sales Producer

Prospecting:  Managing a Sales Pipeline

Prospecting:  How to get past a tricky gatekeeper.

Prospecting:  You’ve got to ask for the budget.

Overcoming Objections:  The difference between a stall and an objection.

Overcoming Objections:  The price is to high.

Overcoming Objections:  Let me talk to my spouse/partner.

Overcoming Objections:  Let me think about it.

Prospecting:  Winning Back a Customer.


Closing Sales

Closing Techniques:  Assuming the sale.  Start with this one as it’s the easiest and most useful.

Closing Techniques:  The A or B method is a classic closing technique.

Sales Theory:  Why people buy.

Positive Self Talk:  Plan your future, write it down and achieve it.